Baker Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services


Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services

Facade Cleaning

Building Facade and Fascia Cleaning Services

We provide a comprehensive building and fascia cleaning service using a variety of non harmful techniques to improve it's look and appearance.

Using the same standards and skills we use for our window cleaning services we are able to carry out building and facade cleaning both at ground and high level. Dependant on the surface and nature of the soiling to be cleaned we have a variety of techniques that we use:-

For materials similar to glass and that can be squeegeed (such as sheet metals or plastics) we will use the squeegee technique with mild detergent. This provides a better finish over washing by hand with cloths etc where smears and water marks often detract from the overall finish. It is often quicker and more cost efficient method of cleaning as well. 

Pressure Washing
We commonly use this method to clean dirt, grime and mildew from the exterior of buildings using the pressure to clean the surface. (If you require patio, path or driveway cleaning go to our Pressure Washing page)

Under most circumstances no chemical additives are required which means no COSHH or environmental hazards need to be addressed.

High Level Facade and Fascia Cleaning

We use our skills and knowledge of using high level access equipment to provide pressure washing and cleaning of building facades and other surfaces at height.

Depending on the material or surface to be cleaned we will use one or more of the cleaning techniques described above to deliver a great finish.

We will always provide a detailed Method Statement and Risk Assessment so you can be fully assured that all safety requirements are met.

We use IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) licensed operators for all work using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.